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The Magistère of Physics in Orsay is an advanced level training from year 3 to year 5 delivered by the Université Paris-Saclay (formerly Paris Sud) since 1986. During their studies, students will successively obtain a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree and the Magistère degree in Fundamental Physics of the Université Paris-Saclay (first French and fourth European university in Physics according to international rankings in 2010).

This training is built along three principal axes:

  • Research: ideally complemented by the preparation of a doctoral thesis, it offers numerous opportunities in public research or higher education organisations.
  • Industry: it allows, after obtaining a thesis or not, to integrate the Research and Development Department of any large industry group. Another possibility for students interested in careers in engineering is to integrate a Grande École after the completion of the first or second year.
  • Education: the Magistère offers a training adapted to the preparation of the competitive examination contest into the French Public Education (essentially the Agrégation).

Admission to the Magistère is a selective process and depends on the candidate’s past results and motivation.

Magistère de Physique d’Orsay
Bât. 625
91405 Orsay CEDEX
Head : Patrick Puzo